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How to Run a Disc Image Without Burning to CD or DVD

How to Run a Disc Image Without Burning to CD or DVD

A quick guide to running a disc image without having to hassle with burning it to a CD or DVD; handy trick to know if you’re out of blank media.

These days the number of software programs we own keeps rising and rising, and we don’t always have enough blank media on hand to burn images to disc to run. Some also don’t want to hassle with the time and effort of burning images to a CD or DVD and want the convenience of being able to load the images as if they were physical discs.

Enter DAEMON Tools Lite. It’s one of a number of virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive programs that allows you to an emulate a physical drive so that you don’t have to burn an image to a disc. It emulates a drive so that all you have to do is load the image, sit back, and let DAEMON Tools do the rest.

DAEMON Tools is also useful for making backup image copies of your software so that you can store them all on your HDD and eliminate the clutter of stacks of CDs and DVDs.

So how does it work?

1. Install DAEMON Tools Lite

Be sure to select “Free License” during installation, and at no point do you need to pay for the software.

2. Open DAEMON Tools Lite


3. Add a DT Virtual Drive

Select the “Add DT Virtual Drive” button as pictured below.

4. Insert Disc Image

Drag and drop the disc image onto the virtual drive you’ve created. You should see an AutoPlay dialog box appear, much liek you woulkd if you had inserted the physical CD or DVD.

That’s it your done. Now you dont have to buy blank CDs or DVDs to burn your favorite programs.

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
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