uTorrent Plus Leaves Beta – Features Antivirus, Remote Transfer, and More

uTorrent Plus Leaves Beta – Features Antivirus, Remote Transfer, and More

New subscription-only version of the popular BitTorrent client opens to the public; for $24.99 per year subscribers get additional features like file conversion, a built-in HD media player, integrated antivirus scanner, and remote file transfer.

This past October ago I mentioned how uTorrent was taking the BitTorrent client experience to the next level by testing out a new subscription-only premium version called uTorrent Plus. For $24.95 per year subscribers get access to additional features and functions that provide an enhanced user experience.

Today BitTorrent Inc. announced that uTorrent Plus is leaving the beta testing phase and opening to the public.

“µTorrent Plus is a notable step in our strategy to make it easy for people to shift their personal media from their PC and play it on mobile devices, TVs, connected devices and more,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategist at BitTorrent. “Whether it’s personal content sent by a friend or indie content found on the Internet, people are too often frustrated by file formats that aren’t supported by their favored device.”

The four main new features include:

  • File conversion: Transcode downloaded files right within the µTorrent Plus software. Initial supported codecs include: MPEG-4, H.264, Theora, and VP8 video codecs; MP3, AAC and AC-3 audio codecs. With these codecs, µTorrent Plus enable users to convert files and shift them easily to Apple, Android, Xbox360 and Playstation 3 devices.
  • Antivirus: Powered by BitDefender, the built-in antivirus automatically scans downloaded files for hidden viruses and malware and handles any detected infections.
  • Integrated HD media player: Download a file and play it immediately in standard definition or high-definition, within the µTorrent software.
  • Remote downloading: µTorrent Plus users will unlock a new feature in the popular µTorrent Remote Web service. In addition to nearly full remote control of their home torrent client through any supported browser, µTorrent Plus users will also have the ability to download files from their home torrent library to the remote computer.


I switched over from Azureus (Vuze) to uTorrent a long time ago because I preffered a low memory footprint to fancy features and options. I like my BitTorrent clients simple, fast, and easy to use. Having said that though, the new functions offered in uTorrent Plus are tantalziing enough to consider upgrading.

One of the problems, for example, with public tracker sites has, and always will be, viruses and other malware. UTorrent Plus helps to remedy that problem.

Also, with the array of protable devices I have, and I’m sure I’m not alone, what could be more conveneient than being able to download, convert, and then push content to whichever device you choose?

“Our goal was to enhance µTorrent to be a powerful tool that lets you free your personal content from the PC,” said Jordy Berson, director of product management for µTorrent. “Plus adds key features needed to accomplish this, and then adds security to keep you safer.”

The BitTorrent Mainline client also has a Plus version now available for those interested in upgrading.

Stay tuned.

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