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BlueStacks: How to Run Android Apps on a PC

BlueStacks: How to Run Android Apps on a PC

BluesStacks app player program allows users to run their favorite Android Apps on their latop, netbook, or desktop PC.

Many of us have become addicted to certain Android apps, and would certainly love to be able to use them on more platforms than just our smartphone.

Well, now you can.

BlueStacks is a free app player program that allows users to run Android Apps on a PC (supports XP, Vista, and Windows 7). It may not be entirely worthwhile to run Android apps on a desktop PC, but could be a more interesting option for use on a laptop or netbook on the go.

Either way it’s nice to have the option to be able to run your favorite Android apps on a platform other than just your¬†smartphone. BlueStacks comes with 10 pre-loaded apps and you can install and sync up to 26 additional titles.

So how does it work? You need to have BlueStacks installed on your PC and BlueStacks Cloud Connect installed on your Android device. Once you install and run BlueStacks on your PC it’ll give you a pin number that you enter into BlueStacks Cloud Connect on your Android device. From there simply open BlueStacks Cloud Connect and select which apps you want to sync with your PC.

One of the apps that I noticed is particularly suited for BlueStacks is Pulse, the aggregated news reader that seems to always have something fun and exciting to read.

Weatherbug was also useful, if only becasue I use it so frequently on the go that it makes finding specific weather data quick and easy.

Games like Aporkalypse are another reason to use BlueStacks.

Check out the BlueStack’s demo video below.

Stay tuned.

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