Top 5 Thanksgiving Apps for the iPhone

Top 5 Thanksgiving Apps for the iPhone

A recommended mix of apps for shopping, games, cocktails, cooking, and sports entertainment to use during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

It’s about that time of year when family and friends gather around the table to celebrate and be thankful for what they have. Thanksgiving brings us together and gives us a chance to spend some quality time with those we care about, and with the magic of smartphones like the iPhone we can make sure that time is spent wisely.

As Apple likes to frequently reminds us, “there’s an app for that,” and there are indeeed a number of apps that will come in handy during this holiday season. I’ve rounded up a collection of five apps for Thanksgiving that wil make sure you have everything covered inside the kitchen and out.


1. TGI Black Friday

Black Friday is just four days away, and even less in cases like Target that have promised to open at Midnight Thanksgiving day. With the TGI Black Friday app you cant get your shopping strategy down before you leave the house and save yourself the hassle of having to lug around shopping ads and checkoff lists.

The TGI Black Friday app lets you search 10,000 Black Friday deals across stores and categories, create a shopping list to checkoff as you go, and even share deals with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: FREE


2. Pocket Cocktails

Cocktails are bound to flow during the Thanksgiving season, and sometimes it can be tricky to satisfy everyone. It gives people a chance to be creative and make drinks they wouldn’t normally have or just to satisfy the palate of a discerning guest.

With Pocket Cocktails you can search through over 500 drinks by category and decide what to make.

Just in time for Thanksgiving it has a new Holiday Recipes section that includes: Candy Cane Martini, Berry Christmas, Scroogedriver, North Pole Kiss, Turkey Punch and many more.

Price: $0.99


3. Chow

What’s more important than a cooking and recipe app? Chow is an excellent iPhone app for Thanksgiving because it will help remove a lot of the stress that comes with preparing the important meal.

Chow puts together nine of the easiest and tastiest traditional Thanksgiving recipes, and lists a clear, follow-along game plan for bringing them to the dinner table. .You pick which dishes you want to cook, and Chow gives you a step-by-step timeline that guides you through what to do during the entire Thanksgiving day.

The menu is pretty straightforward: Here’s your Thanksgiving menu: Roasted Turkey, Apple and Sage Stuffing, Turkey Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Sauteed Green Beans, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, Brandy-Apple Punch

Price: FREE


4. Ultimate Charades

You’ll need some entertainment for before, and perhaps afters, the Thanksgiving meal, and what better way to pass the time than with the game of Charades? The Ultimate Charades app is different from the other because it allows you to fully customize the suggested words phrases.

You can add, edit or delete all the suggestions in each category. Categories include: Movies, TV Shows, Songs, Celebrities, Animals, Occupations, Objects, and Famous Phrases.

Price: $2.99


5. Fox Sports Mobile

Thanksgiving is also a time when sports reign, and football fans in particular gather around the TV and watch the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys play what is arguably America’s True favorite national pastime.

This year the games are all worth watching, for finally both the Cowboys and Lions are looking pretty decent. The long-sputtering Detroit Lions are at 7-3, facing the undefeated Green Bay Packers (10-0). The Cowboys face the revved up Miami Dolphins that have now won 3 in a row after losing 7 straight to start the season.

And if that wasn’t enough we get a third game where for the first time ever brothers face off as head coaches of opposing NFL football teams. The San Fransisco 49ers and Jim Harbaugh (9-1) take on John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens (7-3) in an evening game that is sure to please.

With the Fox Sports Mobile app for the iPhone you can follow al of the NFL games and more. IF you want to watch the games, but can’t for whatever reason, we do havce several guides here at ZeroPaid to help you out: How to Watch NFL Games Online For Free, and How to Watch NFL Games on the iPhone, iPad for Free.

Price: FREE



What iPhone apps would you also recommend for the Thanksgiving holidays?

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