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SoundShare: A Private Social Music Network for the iPhone

SoundShare: A Private Social Music Network for the iPhone

Newsfeed tells others what your lisetning to; post mesages about favorite tracks on Facebook and Twitter; and see what songs are popular around the world.

The beauty of music is it’s inherent social component, the way it’s able to transcend cultural differences and unite people under a shared appreciation of sounds and rythym. With music fans now connected in ways hitherto unimaginable, it only makes sense that they’d want to be able to use the opportunity to share and discover new songs with family and friends.

SoundShare is a new Social Music Network available on the iPhone that makes that possible. Sites like are great for discovering new music, and it does have an app of its own, but the userbase is comprised mainly of strangers. SoundShare is only made up of people you know, or at least kinda know.

“SoundShare app allows you to share your music experience with your friends just by listening to your songs,” notes the developer. “With a built-in Player, you can listen and share every song while using Safari or any other app. SoundShare also has it’s own Social Network, so you don’t have to worry about posting on Facebook/Twitter every song you listen, though, if you want, you’re just one tap away.”


What’s really neat about the app is that it’s similar to Twitter in that you have a newsfeed of people you choose to follow. Looking for some new music? Scroll through and take a look at what others are listening to. You can post comments on and “like” tracks just like on Facebook, and even post what your favorite songs to both of the social networking sites.

Still stumped for new music? You can see what songs are trending around the world.

Soundshare has a built-in music player and can run in the background while you use other apps.

Stay tuned.

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