How to Watch NCAA College Football Games Online For Free

How to Watch NCAA College Football Games Online For Free

A easy-to-follow guide that will show you how to watch practically any NCAA college football games online for free.

The College football season is well under way and fans are always looking for new and creative ways to make sure they don’t miss watching their favorite team play. I’ve already mentioned before how you can watch NFL games free, even on your iPhone, iPad or Android, and now I’ll do the same for college football.

Oftentimes the problem is that cable companies and broadcasters get to pick and choose which teams fans can or cannot watch on TV.


1. Install StreamTorrent

This enables you to open streaming torrents, now you need to find the right torrent stream for your game. On to step 2.


2. Go to the NCAA Section of WiziWig


3. Select “Sticky: 2012 NCAA Football Week (?) | Streaming”

Go to “Sticky: 2012 NCAA Football Week (?) | Streaming” where (?) is the given week of the college football season.


4. Pick the Game You Want to Watch

Here is where all of the available college football games will be listed.


5. Choose a Stream to Watch

There are two types of streams: P2P and Web. Web requires no software installation while P2P does. The color of the link will determine what software you will need to install; StreamTorrent is in light blue, TVU in green, Sopcast in brown.

Keep in mind that the quality of streams varies so you’ll want to take a look at several before getting settled in for four quarters.


It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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