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How to Create, Edit Friend Lists on the New Facebook

How to Create, Edit Friend Lists on the New Facebook

A quick and easy guide that will show you how to create friend lists on the new Facebook so that you can filter your newsfeed or customize your status updates.

A few months ago I detailed how to create and edit friend lists on Facebook only to have it become outdated less than a month later. Facebook rolled out a new version that drastically altered the site’s layout in the hopes that users would find tasks like creating and editing friend lists much easier to figure out.

That has not been the case. For many creating and editing friend lists on Facebook is just as complicated, if not more complicated, than ever before, and so despite their convenience users are still opting not to use them.

The chief complaints are always the same – time and complexity – and there’s still some confusion as to why they’re even necessary at all.

I’ve found them a very useful tool so that I can customize my status updates and filter my newsfeed. One of the big selling points of Google+ is that users can choose who they want to broadcast their posts too. The same option is available on Facebook. with friend lists you can customize the privacy settings of your Facebook status updates, posts, and photo albums.

The other benefit of friend lists is the ability to filter your newsfeed so you can quickly browse through posts from family, friends, or even co-workers. For those with lots of Facebook friends lists are essential for sorting through all the “clutter.”


How to Create Friend Lists on Facebook

1. Go to the “Home” page and select the “Lists” link from the left sidebar menu.


2. Select “Create a List.”

Facebook will already have several to use by default; there are “Close Friends,” “Family,” and others based on your profile like university attended, vocation, and hometown.


3. Enter the name for your new list.

A useful friend list for me has been”Status Update.” It’s a list that includes all of my Facebook friends that I think would like to know what I’m up to, and that I think it’s appropriate for them to know. It can also include friends that can take a certain degree of off-color humor or appreciate “edgy” music.

Think of a friend list as a room and then fill it with people accordingly. In addition to the “Status Update” list I also have one for family, super close friends, work acquaintances, and alumnus from school.

Your friend lists can all be merged with others or renamed as needed by using the dropdown menu.


4. Add friends to your list.

Select the friend list from the left sidebar menu, and then the “Add friends…” link that appears.

From there just select the friends you want to include on it. It’s that simple.


5. Select “Done.”


How to Edit Friend Lists on Facebook

Open a friend list and then select “Manage List” on the upper right-hand part of the screen.

Here you can rename the list, add or remove friends, choose update types, or even delete the list of necessary.

You can also add friends to lists while viewing their walls by using the dropdown list tab on the upper-right hand portion of the screen. You can also quickly create a list on the fly using the same dropdown menu.

It’s that easy. Now when others look surprised that you created a friend list on Facebook be sure and tell them how it easy it really is.

Stay tuned.

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I wanted to hide certain posts from certain people (work, older family members, etc.) so I created a new list called "All Visible" and added everybody EXCEPT those people to the list.  Now when I share a post with, for example, some profanity, I can select "All Visible" on the "Who can see this?" tab so that everybody except those people can see it.


The problem is, I added everybody except about 10 people to the "All Visible" list, but it is showing the total list size as 730, when I have 820 friends.  That means, if you count the 10 people that shouldn't be there, I'm missing about 80 friends.  I can't seem to figure out why I can't find or add those 80.  Please help!


"How to Edit Friend Lists on Facebook

Open a friend list and then select “Manage List” on the upper right-hand part of the screen."


How do you "open" a friend list? If I click on Lists on the left of the Home Page, it shows me a News Feed of only people on that list, it doesn't just show all of the members of that list. Please advise.

How to build a list
How to build a list

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