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Large Private BitTorrent Site Deep Bass Nine Back Online

Large Private BitTorrent Site Deep Bass Nine Back Online

After about a week of being offline, one of the largest Drum N’ Bass private BitTorrent websites is finally back online. The news comes as relief to many fans of the music genre who use the site.

The week started off as any other typical week for the members of Deep Bass Nine, hanging out and chatting in the community. But right away, something happened – many users were getting connection timeouts and couldn’t connect to the site. It was as if the website was simply unreachable. As time went on, more may have wondered what happened to their site because it had become unreachable for days.

Paper bag at hand, some continued to hit the refresh button hoping it was simply their end and nothing going horribly wrong with their favorite private BitTorrent website. Unfortunately, something did happen to the website. After a few days, the staff of Deep Bass Nine were able to post up a message explaining what had happened.

The message said, “We live in a complex world where a butterfly can flap its wings in one corner of our planet and cause knock-on consequences far and wide. As you will know, we had been experiencing hardware related problems which resulted in the need for a new server which we were patiently waiting for.”

“Unfortunately,” they further explained, “at the worst possible time a little butterfly flapped its wings in the far east where we were hosted which cause some difficulties for our host’s ISP. The ISP decided to cut off its services to our host which means that DB9 is currently in limbo. A new server is very much useless if it’s not connected to the Internet.”

Further from the message:

We have a new server on order which should be in place before the weekend!

Naturally, we’re really sad at this downtime and realize that s lot of the site’s members will be suffering from chronic bass depletion which as we all know is a fate worse than death.

For this we send you, the community, a million apologies. We didn’t mean to let you down.

Curious about the situation, we went to the IRC channel and asked the staff what was going on. We were told by MaE that the website would be back up by the end of the week. True to their word, the website was back up on Saturday, most likely, to the relief of their members.

No doubt that the staff have or are working on a way to prevent something like this in the future, but for now, it seems the crisis has been averted.

Jorge A. Gonzalez
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