MagicJack: App for Making Free Wi-Fi Phone Calls on Your iPhone, iPad

MagicJack: App for Making Free Wi-Fi Phone Calls on Your iPhone, iPad

MagicJack app doesn’t use your mobile minutes, does not require a voice plan, and allows you to make FREE calls to US and Canadian phone numbers or to any MagicJack number wherever it may be in the world.

I’m sure many of you have seen the MagicJack on TV by now, it’s the portable little black box that has allowed users to ditch home landlines in the US and Canada for some time now.

Well, now the people behind that device have created an app for the iPhone and iPad that also allows users to ditch, or at least avoid, expensive mobile minutes and voice plan packages.

MagicJack allows users to make FREE calls to US and Canadian phone numbers, or to any assigned MagicJack number in the world. Think of it as a free alternative to Skype, the service that requires users to buy credits to make calls to non-Skype numbers.

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MagicJack does not use your mobile minutes nor does it require a voice plan of any kind. All you really need is a Wi-Fi or data connection.

An added benefit is the quality of calls and network coverage. Instead of worrying whether or not you’re in a dropped call zone or out of network reach all you really need to have is a solid Wi-Fi connection.

For those AT&T subscribers in cities notorious for dropped calls like New York City MagicJack is a welcome solution to the problem.

“I am incredibly proud of the many employees involved in building our first APP,” says Dan Borislow, CEO of magicJack. “I am obviously biased in saying this, but I can’t see any reason that by offering the best voice quality, free calls, ease of use, ability to use your existing contacts and free download, that we will not have tens of millions of downloads over the next year. Apple has the best OS and devices built for voice and I believe we have the best telephone network and software engineers to take advantage of this incredible platform.”

Users with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will be able to use the MagicJack app when connected to W-Fi or 4G with the same functionality of a regular mobile phone with better call quality, but without the costs for calls.

The MagicJack app is particuallry useful when at home or in the office for there’s no need to worry about call quality, being dropped, and better still – it’s free!

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