Textbook Torrents – ‘Download Textbooks for Free’

BitTorrent tracker site helps college students battle high-priced textbooks.

There’s a cool BitTorrent tracker site I heard about yesterday called Textbook Torrents that offers almost 6,000 different college textbooks for download in the .PDF format.

“There are very few scanned textbooks in circulation, and that’s what we’re here to change,” says a welcome message on the site. “Chances are you have some textbooks sitting around, so pick up a scanner and start scanning it!”

It has textbooks available in a wide variety of categories like law, medicine, political science, and computer engineering as shown below.

The site even boasts a forum section where users can request specific books for a given class or coursework.

The site’s come under fire recently from Pearson Education, apparently one of the bigger textbook publishers, asking it to remove some 78 torrents linking to books it holds the copyrights too. Unlike the RIAA, book publishers are simply going after individual torrents rather than entire sites or individual file-sharers or site admins.