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Smozzy: Android App for Free T-Mobile Data Plan

Smozzy: Android App for Free T-Mobile Data Plan

Uses text messages to browse the web, requesting and delivered content entirely via text messages (SMS and MMS).

There’s an ingenious new Android app out called Smozzy that allows you to use text messaging to browse the Internet, eliminating the need for a pricey monthly data plan.

Currently compatible with T-Mobile only, the Smozzy Android app works just like your Android phone’s built-in browser, but web content is requested and delivered entirely via text messages (SMS and MMS).

An unlimited messaging plan is reccomended for obvious reasons.

So how does it work? Whenever you click a link on the web instead of sending a request to your carrier it’s sent to Smozzy’s server instead via SMS. Smozzy, inturn, takes the text message, downloads the page you’ve requested, and sends it to you as an MMS message (multimedia).

Smozzy works like an ordinary Internet browser, offering options like default search engine for the address bar and https confirmation, but since there’s no encryption between you and a given site passwords are sent as plaintext.

All in all Smozzy is a pretty good option for those looking to save $40-60 bucks on T-Mobile’s monthly data plan.

Stay tuned.

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