Top 5 Games for Google Plus

Top 5 Games for Google Plus

A roundup of the top 5 games available for Google+ Games.

Facebook has it’s games of course, but many are unaware that so too does Google Plus. Google+ Games was launched early last month in the form of a simple Game’s icon in users’ Google+ stream pages.

Google+ Games began with a modest 16 games, and though the number has held steady the selection is expected to grow once Google releases the Google+ Games API for developers.

Google+ platform offers evelopers a more modest 5% commisssion rate.

To complete the social netowrking component of Google+ Games, the Games page will show you gameplay updates from people in your circles as well as latest game notifications, and information on what’s been played recently.

In any event, the following is a roundup of the top 5 Google+ Games.


1. Angry Birds

The crack of all apps. It’s already soared to addictive new heights on iPhones and Android OS smartphones so many are certain to welcome it’s addition with open arms.

The premise of the game is simple: place a wingless bird in a slingshot and use it to hit objects for points. The 120 available levels provide countless hours of video game vegitating while the scenraios require logic and a bit of skill to complete.


2. City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a simulation game where you can create prosperous civilizations which will let you progress through the ages while researching various technologies.

You can interact with your Neighbors where you can explore their civilizations and either attack them or become strong allies that you can then trade goods or cultural knowledge with to earn money and experience. The money you earn from your civilization can be reinvested to build your amazing City of Wonder.

Also available on Facebook, the two have been linked together to form a single City of Wonder platform.


3. Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane has s imple premise: kill zombies and restore your neighborhood to its former glory.

You’ll have to clear the land of debris to build things, you can grow crops that turn into energy-filled food, and the combat mostly revolves around simply clicking on enemies. Think of it is FarmVille meets Mafia Wars.

You’ll start out with nothing more than a shovel to defend yourself, but eventually you’ll unlock different guns and you’ll even be able to craft your own weapons from the items you collect.


4. Crime City

Crime City is a Mafia-based game where you advance through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city – Crime City.

Start out as a rising star in the criminal world and complete missions from the standard muggings and protection rackets to killing stool pigeons and intimidating witnesses.

Another aspect of the game is “hood” building. Players purchase businesses in their base of operations to populate the block, and can spruce up the place with things like bushes and trees.


5. Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis revolves around four Atlantean tribes which are all fighting one another to gain control of the civilization before it’s destroyed.

You are forced to fight off the other tribes in an effort to gain control of what was once yours.

Each player (tribe) is given a city with which they must build and expand. The key to winning? The Dragons of Atlantis which can be used to defend your city or conquer neighboring lands.



What are your top 5 Google Plus games?

Stay tuned.

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