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GUIDE: How to Create Friend Lists on Facebook

GUIDE: How to Create Friend Lists on Facebook

A quick guide that will show you how to painlessly create friend lists on Facebook so that you can customize your status update or filter your News Feed.

There’s a number of reasons to create friend lists on Facebook, but for many the hardest task is simply creating them in the first place.

I hear from friends and family members all the time about how they wish there was a way to post different updates and pics for friends to see, and don’t necessarily want to make available for family members or certain Facebook friends to see.

With friend lists you can change all that: customize status updates and posts or even filter your News Feed to only include those friends whose lives or news you really want to follow.

With all this in mind, here’s the first step in the process, a guide to creating Facebook friend lists.


 Creating a Friend List

1. Go to the “Account” > “Edit Friends” tab on the right upper-hand part of the screen.

2. Select “Create a List”.

3. Enter a name for your new friend list and select which of your friends to include in it.

HINT: Create lists for the various groups in your life like family, friends, close friends, and also a group for those whom you want to keep updated about what your up to – status updates. Also think about making a list for people whose status updates you want to read about on a regular basis.

4. Finish your list by selecting “Create List”.

It’s that easy.

Stay tuned.

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Jared Moya
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