Torrent2exe Turns Torrents Into Executable Downloads

Web-based utility removes the need for a BitTorrent client and lets you share torrents with non-BitTorrent users.

There’s an awesome new service out called Torrent2exe. It’s a web-based utility that allows users to download torrents without having to install a BitTorrent client by converting the torrent file into a standalone .EXE file.

How Does It Work?

1. Simply copy the URL of a torrent file or select it from a saved location on your HDD and upload it to the site.

2. Choose “Small” size, which requires the download of additional program components along with the .EXE(Only once per PC), or “Normal” size, which requires no additional download.

3. Then you can either download your selection and e-mail it to others or use yourself, or you can take the URL that is simultaneously generated and do the same or post on a blog, web site, etc. so that other users will be able to download torrents without a BitTorrent client.

4. After downloading the converted .EXE, just run it and it will automatically start downloading the material that the torrent is associated with.

Pretty cool right?

Here’s an example:

I downloaded a torrent for an .MP3 reading of Mark Twain’s “A Connecticut Yankee” and uploaded it to Torrent2exe. Choosing “normal” size I then selected “Start Download!” to of course download and generate the .EXE file. Notice in the screenshot below that there is also a URL generated that I mentioned can be shared with others to download the same .EXE file.

Lastly, simply locate the downloaded .EXE file and run it. The file will then begin magically downloading to your PC without the need for a BitTorrent client.

It really is a great way to share content with others who don’t know how to use BitTorrent. A perfect example is like when NIN recently uploaded Ghosts Vol 1 to The Pirate Bay. But, another is that maybe they are looking for a TV show or movie to download and watch.With Torrent2exe you can just send them a .EXE file or show them how to create one on their own.

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