Top 5 Free VPN Services

Top 5 Free VPN Services

List of the top five free VPN services around for circumventing censorship at home and at the workplace, and for protecting your identity and data from prying eyes; especially useful when for public Wi-Fi connections.

A VPN is a private network with “virtual” encrypted connections routed through the Internet to remote servers. The data traveling between you and those servers is encrypted, and the IP address that will appear will surfing or downloading content from the Internet will be that of the server and not your own.

Thus, a VPN provides a level of anonymity on the Internet that helps protect your data and identity from theieves, criminals, and the prying eyes of govt.

VPNs willl become a vital tool, in conjunction with proxies and other methods, to avoid DNS filtering and other Internet censorship plans being formulated by US authorities under the PROTECT IP Act.

I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the 5 of the best free VPN services around. All offer upgrade packages for a nominal monthly fee ($6 and up) if you find the bandwidth data and speed caps too restraining, and each are fairly easy to set up and install.

1.  Hide My Ass Pro VPN

The Hide My Ass Pro VPN service is easy-to-configure and user friendly while also offering a slew of features and options that make it worth the investment to protect you online. You can use it to connect to a staggering 407 VPN servers in over 55 countries, allowing you to hide behind more than 48,500 different IP addresses.

2. VPNBook

The free VPN service offers unrestricted speed and unlimited traffic, so whether you want to watch a movie, download a torrent or run any traffic intensive apps, it does not restrict speed whether you use 1GB or 100GB of bandwidth in a day.

Its VPN servers are properly optimized to maximize your speed and browsing experience all while maintaining your privacy online.

Available on Mac, PC, and Linux, you’ll also need to download the open-source OpenVPN Client along with the configuration and certificate file.

3. SecurityKiss

SecurityKiss is a popular free VPN service available for use on PCs only. The paid version available for use on Mac, Linux, and smartphones.

The free package includes a 300MB daily limit, and an unspecified bandwidth speed cap of less than 12.5 Mbps, and basic packages start at about $6 per month.

4. CyberGhost

Cyber Ghost’s free free VPN service includes a generous 1GB daily data limit, and a modest bandwidth speed cap of 2 Mbps.

The free VPN service has “limited availability with possible waiitng times” so don’t expect quality round-the-clock access. Also, Cyber Ghost advertises forced disconnection after 6 hours with a redial possible to make room for other free users and prevent server hogging.

Cyber Ghost is limited to PCs only, and software installation is required.

Paid packages start at $6 per month.

5. Hotspot Shield

Anchor Free’s free Hotspot Shield VPN service is one of the more popular free VPN services around because of its generous data allowance and ease of installation and use.

Anchor Free’s Hotspot Shield service includes a rather generous 10GB monthly limit with no mention of bandwidth speed caps.

It works on Mac and PCs along with Android and iOS devices.