5 Essential Google+ Addons for Chrome

5 Essential Google+ Addons for Chrome

A collection of Google Plus Addons for Chrome that allow users to customize their Google Plus experience.

Now that Google+ has surpassed 20 million users in the first 3 weeks since its launch there is increasing demand for addons and extensions to customize the experience of the infant social networking platform.

I’ve taken the time to compile a list of the ones I find to be the most interesting of the lot, and they’re in no particular order (keep in mind that you’ll need to make sure have Google Chrome installed).

+Photo Zoom

+Photo Zoom is a simple Google Plus addon for Chrome tool that allows for quick and easy zooming of photos on Google+. Instead of having to squint your eyes and move your head closer to the screen you can just hover the mouse cursor over the image you wish to zoom and +Photo Zoom will load the enlarged version of the picture.

Trick: Scroll from right to left over the picture for increased zoom.

Extended Share

Extended Share is a simple Google Plus addon for Chrome that makes it easier to share posts with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr blogs. Extended Share adds a “Share on …” link to the bottom of each post that once selected prompts you to choose which site you wish to share on.


This one is my favorite. The Stylish Google Plus addon for Chrome lets you customize web sites.

“Stylish lets you easily manage user styles,” notes the developer. “Add, delete, enable, disable, and organize with a few clicks of a mouse, no code to edit, no obscure configuration to find. Stylish’s companion website, userstyles.org, hosts tens of thousands of user styles made by other Stylish users that you can try.”

Trick: Once you install the extension visit userstyles.org to find scripts to install. The best is one that turns Google+ into a Facebook clone!

What are some of your favorites?

Stay tuned.

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