Top 5 BitTorrent Apps for Android Phones

Top 5 BitTorrent Apps for Android Phones

A quick rundown of the top 5 BitTorrent apps for Android phones to monitor and download content on the go.

As the Android OS rises to smartphone prominence, the Android market is slowly becoming cluttered with such a wide variety of BitTorrent apps that it can be difficult for many to sort through them all to find one that is the best fit.

So t o help you BitTorrent users out there save some time I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be the top 5 of the bunch.

1. uTorrent Remote

uTorrent Remote is my favorite BitTorrent app for Android phones. uTorrent Remote is clean, sleek, simple to use, and is feature-rich: check the staus of your downloads; add, pause or remove downloads on your computer; and update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions

The main feature of uTorrent Remote worth mentioning is the ability to transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your Android phone!

2. Transdroid

I’ve mentioned this one before, and it’s definitely one of my favorites.. Transdroid gives you complete control over individual torrents: users can pause, stop, remove, label, throttle, and prioritize just as they would with their desktop client.

The best part about Transdroid is that you enter the RSS feeds of your favorite private (or public trackers) and download content on the go.

3. Torrent-fu

Torrent-fu is an interesting client because it’s compatible with both uTorrent and Transmission. Torrent-fu allows you to manage your torrents and search for torrents by keyword, bar code scan, or from your browser and download remotely.

The best feature of Torrent-fu is probably the ability to create user downlaod profiles. You can setup custom profiles to add, edit, and delete the locations of where you want your content downloaded to.

4. EZTVDroid

EZTVDroid is an app that lists your favorite TV show from EZTV, and lets you send the corresponding torrent files to the uTorrent or Transmission BitTorrent client running on your home PC. When you select “Send to uTorrent”  EZTVDroid app will automatically queue the torrent file for you. Users can start, stop, pause, and force start individual torrents.

The most noteworthyy feature, though not likely the safest, is the social netwoprking feature: share torrent links with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter.

5. Remote Transmission

This one’s not bad, but it only allows you to add torrent by URL; you can’t can’t pause or resume torrents individually, only “Pause All” or “Resume All.”

I recommend using Remote Transmission only if you currently use Transmission as your desktop or laptop BitTorrent client, and you only need something simple and quick to use.

What are some of your favorite BitTorrent apps for Android?

Stay tuned.

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