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Abhaxas Hacks Montana Government Website, 16 Databases Exposed

Abhaxas Hacks Montana Government Website, 16 Databases Exposed It’s the official state government website. It features resources and, as it turns out, security vulnerabilities. Abhaxas apparently posted the results of his hacking to Pastebin.

After hacking the Florida voting database a second time it appears that one of AntiSec’s high profile hacker has moved on to Montana. The latest target appears to be, the state’s official website.

In a recent tweet, Abhaxas commented, “Not even going to bother, i’m so tired of f***ing SQLi vulns”

He posted the list of databases he was able to access to PasteBin. In the Pastebin posting, Abhaxas commented, “Coders, please stop exposing your databases it’s not even fun anymore”

Unlike numerous other Anti-Sec data dumps, there was no data beyond the list of databases exposed.

Meanwhile, websites have been set up to sift through hacked data and find out if your content was exposed. hacknotifier is one such website. While there might not be exposed data this time, there are plenty of other hacks like the e-mail hacks and the Booz Allen hack, to name two, that it is keeping track of.

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Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson is perhaps one of the more well-known file-sharing and technology news writers around. A journalist in the field since 2005, his work has had semi-regular appearances on social news websites and even occasional appearances on major news outlets as well. Drew founded and still contributes to ZeroPaid. Twitter | Google Plus

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