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Abhaxas Hacks Florida’s Voting System Again

Abhaxas Hacks Florida’s Voting System Again

In an apparent effort to show that election votes can be tampered with, Abhaxas previously dumped parts of the Florida voting database to PasteBin. Officials since then downplayed the hack, but suggested that the systems are more secure than ever before. Even though authorities, on top of this, were contacted, it seems that Abhaxas decided to hack the database again.

Call it whatever you like, but it seems that Florida is in for a repeat of what happened last week.

Apparently, since the initial hack, Florida officials downplayed the incident saying that there is no reason to fear because of a paper trail and that only a select few are able to have access to the votes to begin with. There was also the following being reported on Storify:

“Altering ballots, changing ballots, or anything like that — right off the bat is a third degree felony with prison time,” Durham explained.

Officials say they’re now getting law enforcement involved.

Meanwhile, state and county election workers say Florida elections are now more secure than ever.

Apparently, this isn’t deterring Abhaxas who decided to post a file directory of the Florida voting database after these remarks were made. Abhaxas merely posted the following comment in the release:

Glad you cleaned things up, pretty secure now guys.

It really seems like this person is able to make a mockery of them at this point. If this data is real, then there isn’t much I can think of that could poke the bear more effectively than this.

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