NATO Investigates LulzSec Hack

NATO Investigates LulzSec Hack

Looks into Hacktivist group’s release of 11,619 usernames and passwords of NATO’s online book shop.

LulzSec may have decided to bid “bon voyage” to the anti-security movement, but the fallout from its campaign continues to be felt.

This past Saturday LulzSec said it was sailing off into the susnet because its “planned 50-day cruise has expired.” The hacktivist group, which left behind a string of embarrassing attacks on the CIA, FBI, PBS, Sony, FOX, the Arizona Police dept, and more, made one last data dump that included sensitive information obtained from NATO’s e-Bookshop site.

The data contained the usernames and passwords of 11,619 of the site’s users. No classified material was leaked.

In a statement NATO says it is investigating the matter.

“Police dealing with digital crimes have notified NATO of a probable data breach from a NATO-related website operated by an external company,” it said in a press release. “NATO’s e-Bookshop is a separate service for the public for the release of NATO information and does not contain any classified data. Access to the site has been blocked and subscribers have been notified.”

It added that the news was another reason why the Alliance already agreed to develop and implement and cyber defense action plan to prevent, detect, defend against and recover from cyber-attacks such as these.

NATO apparently took the e-Bookshop offline until it sorts the matter out.

Stay tuned.

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