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Transdroid Android App Controls BitTorrent Downloads on the Go

Transdroid Android App Controls BitTorrent Downloads on the Go

Give users full control over remote running BitTorrent client; features options like the start, stop, remove, and labeling of existing torrents as well as the searching for and adding of new downloads as well.

BitTorrent users looking for a good Android app to control their downloads on the go can look no further than Transdroid; the free app allows full control over your remote running BitTorrent client.

Transdroid is a BitTorrent client manager that offers a number of cool features and options, some of which seem designed just to make competing apps look bad.

Transdroid gives you complete control over individual torrents: users can pause, stop, remove, label, throttle, and prioritize just as they would with their desktop client.

When it comes to adding new torrent, users can add by URL, RSS feed, integrated search (choose from The Pirate Bay, BTJunkie, isoHunt, and more), and by barcode! It’s the barcode feature that even the developer admits he isn’t sure “how useful it is,” but it’s been included because “many users have requested it.”

Moreover, if you’re looking for a feature rich Android app for remotely controlling your BitTorrent downloads then Transdroid is the app for you.



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