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Play by Yahoo! Music Android App Plays, Identifies Music

Play by Yahoo! Music Android App Plays, Identifies Music

Play by Yahoo! Music combines
song identification with music library manbagemnt in a blazing fast Android app package.

Play by Yahoo! Music is likely the music player to end all other Android music players. For the Android app is much more than a standard, simple music player, combining music playback with artist news and the ability to identify a single song or multiple songs at once.

While you’re listening to a song you can see the latest artist news and album cover art automatically retrieved from Yahoo! news.

Play by Yahoo! Music also has a built-in song identification feature much like Shazam or Soundhound, though it’s unlimited, free, and you can identify multiple songs in a row. You can leave the app on, for example, and continuously identify songs on the radio.

There is built-in scrobbling to that automatically scrobbles your listening history to your profile to track and analyze your listening history.

Lastly, it has a social network component that allows you to send to send status updates on Twitter and Facebook to tell others what you’re listening to.

The best feature of all might very well be it’s blazing fast load and scroll times. It makes the standard music player app seem painfully slow in comparison.


Stay tuned.

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