Photogram – iPhone App Lets You Create Multi-Pic Postcards

Photogram – iPhone App Lets You Create Multi-Pic Postcards

Can send multiple photos using dozens of “handcrafted” themes to freinds and family via Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

There’s a new iPhone app called Photogram that officially launched today and it takes photo sharing to a whole new level. Instead of being resigned to sending pics one at a time you can send multiple pics at once.

“Photogram provides special delivery of your photos via Email, Facebook and Twitter,” reads the app description. “Tell the story of your moments creatively and thoughtfully using multiple photos, choose from dozens of unique themes handcrafted by independent artists to complement your pictures, and create a customized delivery experience that is memorable and loved by your recipients–all quickly and easily right from your iPhone. So, why send just a photo when you can send a Photogram?”

Photogram lets you take a group of pictures and create postcards to send to freinds and family via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can choose from dozens of “handcrafted” themese to compliemnt your pics and customize your postcard. This allows you to really send a unique creation that helps capture an entire experience.

As the developers put it, the app is all about “helping people capture special moments and deliver an experience that feels handcrafted and personalized to their recipients.”

Photogram does this in spades.


– Include up to four (4) photos in each Photogram to tell a story

– Set up groups (like Family, Friends, etc.) for one-click sending to multiple people

– Use one easy process to share across three services: Email, Facebook and Twitter

– Customize your Photograms with personalized messages and a profile photo

– Crop and zoom photos to get the perfect result

The app is free, and it appears it’s the themes that users will eventually be charged for. For right now it’s advertsing a “launch special” whereby the company will add “over 30 themes, a perported $25+ value, to your theme library for theme.

Stay tuned.

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