iTransmission – BitTorrent Client for iPhone, iPad

iTransmission – BitTorrent Client for iPhone, iPad

Fully-featured native BitTorrent client on iOS. Works on iPhone iOS 4.0 and above, and iPad iOS 3.2 and above.

BitTorrent users often want to download content on the go, and iPhone and iPad owners have to look no further than iTransmission to make it happen.

iTransmission is a native iOS BitTorrent client that works on both the iPhone and the iPad, the former requiring iOS 4.0 and above, the latter iOS 3.2 and above. Earlier versions might work, but the developers warn that they “may suffer severely in performance.”

Currently it supports following features:

  • Adding task from both torrent URL or magnet.
  • Transmission’s web interface.
  • Automatic port mapping (UPnP) for users behind routers.
  • Choosing which network interface (Cellular network or WiFi) to use.
  • Connection and speed limits
  • Pretty UI

The best feature, in my opinion, is being able to choose which network you want to use to download content, especially considering most wireless carriers already have, or in the process of putting, bandwidth caps with overage fees in place.

iTransmission could come in awfully handy if you’re waiting in an airport and want to have something to watch during your flight. It could also be useful for grabbing songs or albums for your iPhone.


Stay tuned.

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