Mininova to Offer BitTorrent Video Streaming

Popular BitTorrent tracker site begins Beta testing new feature that will allow visitors to watch videos streamed for torrent trackers.

A new posting on Mininova’s, the popular BitTorrent tracker site, blog, announces the Beta testing of an incredibly new and exciting feature will allow users of the site to stream video almost immediately using the Tribler open source BitTorrent client.

"Currently we are working on new algorithms that allow bittorrent streaming, " says Freek Zindel from the Tribler team. "This means that you can watch a video while it downloads."

Very cool indeed.

Zindel then goes on to describe the Beta test in more detail. He writes:

This test with the featured content will be that some users will get early access to a video player beta. The beta software can automatically start a download and play when you click a streaming button on the Mininova website.

You don’t need to have any specific skills to participate in the test. We are as much interested in your experiences regarding usability as we are in your evaluation of the performance of the beta. The software also gathers performance measurements by itself, so even by just using the application you can help us improve the technology.

To really stress test the system we will need quite a few users, so feel free to sign up for the test.

For what they call a "variety of reasons" the testing will only work with their featured torrents.

As Zindel points out they’re currently looking for a large number of volunteers to help test out the new software. So if you’re a BitTorrent user and interested in lending a hand you can apply in the Mininova forums.

[DLS via TF]