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BitTorrent Inc. Enters Book Publishing, Releases “Captive”

BitTorrent Inc. Enters Book Publishing, Releases “Captive”

Though book is priced at $9.99 on Amazon, author Megan Lisa Jones wishes to tap into into BitTorrent’s 100 millions users; says she hopes the move will “demonstrate a new media model that benefits all.”

BitTorrent Inc. continues to push the boundaries of digital distribution by establishing yet another new model which connects artists directly with fans.

It all started last June with “Pioneer One,” the so-called “TV Series Without a TV,” and eventually grew to include education videos and music.

Last month it announced that it had teamed up with Khan Academy to create a new video catalogue app that offers over 2,000 award-winning educational videos; and then soon after it crossed into uncharted territory once again by releasing the latest “2205” album from the “all-girl punk band rocking heavy guitar” Sick of Sarah.

That album, mind you, recently surpassed the 1 million download mark.

Now enter author Megan Lisa Jones and her new novel, “Captive.” Even though copies of the e-book sell for $9.99 on Amazon, Jones also decided to tap into BitTorrent’s 100 million users.

“The message belongs to the street, not the elite,” says Jones. “I’m very excited to be partnering with BitTorrent to reach an audience that’s both active and engaged with content creators and publishers.  Hopefully we can demonstrate a new media model that benefits all.”

The download consists of a free Captive app, which includes the full downloadable novel, in both .pdf and .epub formats, plus a video introduction providing an overview of the author, story line and writing process.

“One of the things we really like about Megan is her adroit understanding of technology,” says BitTorrent Inc. “She gets the fundamental technological benefits of BitTorrent ” how files can be downloaded ultra-fast. She also believes that publishers must embrace technology and the Internet audience, and work with it. We applaud her decision to help us continue with our experiments and blaze a new digital trail for authors.”

The promotion will last for 2 weeks, and Jones wishes to hear feedback from readers and the BitTorrent community about what they think is right or wrong about the new distribution model.

“This is the new model for media, focusing on the community’s desired experience and how best to provide it,” says Jones.  “I want feedback on how to perfect the reader experience.”

About the book:

Captive: A Novel:  Khalil is held in captivity after being seized evaluating the location for a possible bombing. George, a psychology professor on leave, is charged with extracting any information Khalil may know.  Will George break Khalil in time to stop Omar?  Each man must face his own limitations as they are tested by circumstance and their own past decisions.

What do you think? How can authors expect to monetize this “new media model” and do you think it’s a good thing or bad thing for authors?

Stay tuned.

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