BitTorrent Inc. Releases “Project Chrysalis”

BitTorrent Inc. Releases “Project Chrysalis”

Finally releases secretive BitTorrent Mainline version 8 so that users can “kick the tires” and give BitTorrent Inc. some feedback about “what’s right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t, and what’s missing.”

BitTorrent Inc. has finally released an alpha version of its secretive “Project Chrysalis,” the BitTorrent Mainline version 8 that it said a few months ago would feature “major changes” to the user interface and overall experience.

“Chrysalis is a major change for BitTorrent” a metamorphosis of features and style,” says Simon Morris, BitTorrent Inc’s VP of Product Management. “The goal is make downloading torrents easier, intuitive and more streamlined, while retaining all of the power and sophistication you currently enjoy at the core. While this first version is intended to testing and vetting the overhauled user interface, more features are coming soon.”

Updated version feature channels users can browse through to find content, as well as the option to rate and comment on torrents.

BitTorrent Inc. has decided to release the alpha version to get feedback from users.

“Please download it, kick the tires for a few days, and then tell us what’s right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t, and what’s missing,” it asks.

I’ve been a long-time uTorrent fan and haven’t ever really used the BitTorrent Mainline client, but I find the channels feature of “Project Chrysalis” interesting

enough that I’d consider a switch in the future if enough content was made available. So far “Pioneer One” and “TED” just aren’t compelling enough.