Feds Seize ATDHE.net, Already Back as ATDHENET.tv

Feds Seize ATDHE.net, Already Back as ATDHENET.tv

Proves futility of the US’ Immigrations and Customs Enforcement “Operation In Our Sites” campaign which has so far seized nearly 100 domain names of sites accused of copyright infringing activities.

UK-based ATDHE.net was the latest illegal streaming site to be seized by the US’ Immigrations and Customs Enforcement as part of its ongoing “Operation In our Sites” which has said is necessary to get rid of sites that “threaten economic opportunities and financial stability, suppress innovation and destroy jobs.”

ATDHE.net is the popular TV streaming site that allows users to watch everything from live sports to news channels like FOX and CNN.

“These feeds originate from many different sources, including Justin.tv, Ustream and Selfcast, but are carefully selected by editors to ensure that they work, are free, and feature the game expected,” reads a description of the site. “The selected games are presented to users in a short list for convenience. The feed quality is not generally as good as paid options available on the net, but is usually good enough for sports fans who are unable to get to a TV and want to watch their teams live online.”

The site has to pose a conundrum for law enforcement officials because it doesn’t actually hoist any copyrighted material. All it contains are links to third parties sites that are the ones hosting the illegal video feeds.

More importantly, sites like this simply reappear with domain names beyond the reach of US law enforcement.

Last November, after a similar wave of domain names seizures, more than half a dozen of the sites resurfaced in a matter of hours.

The same has held true for ATDHE.net which is back as ATDHENET.tv.

From the new site:

NOTICE: ATDHE.NET was shut down today. We will try anything we can to bring the site back. If you want to continue accessing site visit www.atdhenet.tv

Any website using the atdhe alias (other than one mentioned above) in their domain is not operated by us. Use them at your own risk.

ICE’s seizure of ATDHE.net continues its dangerous trend of confiscating foreign domain names, though not nearly as bad as its recent seizure of the Spain-based Rojadirecta.org which was already ruled legal in that country.