Dutch Anti-P2P Group, MPAA Shutter 12 BitTorrent Sites

Dutch Anti-P2P Group, MPAA Shutter 12 BitTorrent Sites

BREIN teams up with the MPAA to shutdown more unnamed “illegal sites,” but does it even matter?

BREIN has been one of the more prolific anti-P2P groups over the years, shuttering hundreds of sites annually.

During the fist six months of last year alone BREIN managed to shutdown 422 “illegal websites comprised of 384 BitTorrent tracker sites, 29 Cyberlockers, 5 usenet indexers, 6 streaming sites, and an FTP summit site.

It ended up with a final tally of 665 sites and servers for the year.

The Dutch outfit’s most high profile victory came against the once mighty Mininova. Back in 2009 it managed to convince the Court of Utrecht in the Netherlands that it was “encouraging and profiting from infringements on copyright and neighboring rights.” The court gave the BitTorrent site 3 months to comply, but it wasn’t until early last month that the case was finally settled.

Now BREIN has managed another victory in the P2P war, proudly announcing that it, in cooperation with the MPAA, had successfully shutdown 12 more unnamed sites in the US.

It never publishes the names of the sites it shuts down for fear of giving them added publicly and the potential to “reboot” elsewhere, but they can;t have been that large considering the conspicuous absence of any loud outcries from BitTorrent users.

BREIN admits that new BitTorrent sites are sure to pop in their place, but says it will work to shut them down too before they have a chance to grow too big.

“There will be new sites but we will shut them down faster so they can not grow big,” says BREIN director Tim Kuik. “Our goal is stopping the accessibility of illegal sites that Web users prefer that hinder the use of legitimate platforms.”

The only problem with that statement is that many times BitTorrent users are downloading or streaming content illegally only because there are no legitimate platforms available. Content providers routinely distribute content with arbitrary geographical restrictions that prevent consumers from legally accessing it. Until this is addressed content providers are fighting a losing battle against consumers who are doing more than making up for a gap in the marketplace.

Moreover, there are still thousands of BitTorrent sites to choose from. If BREIN and the MPAA expect to have any impact on P2P they’ll have to shut down more like 120 or 1200 at a time, not a measly 12.

Stay tuned.

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