PSPGo Hacked – ISOLoader Successfully Installed

PSPGo Hacked – ISOLoader Successfully Installed

Sony may have hoped 2011 would see new hopes and high expectations, but so far, it may have been downright painful so far. On the heals of the discovery of the root key in the PlayStation 3, another hacker was busy successfully installing an ISOLoader on the portable PSPGo.

An ISOLoader is a component that can be used to run games not necessarily authorized by Sony (i.e. back-up copies of games). Installing it on a device such as the PSPGo is probably easier said than done, but now is a reality.

This hack has been made possible by Liquidzigong who created the Prometheus Iso Loader. It’s been made available on Wololo. The files apparently leaked, so video’s of the loader have been posted to show it working:

What I think is interesting is that this shows how virtually nothing these days is really unhackable. Given enough time and effort, pretty much anything can be used in ways they were never intended. From here, I can only see this type of hack being perfected in the future.

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