GUIDE: How to “Download Stuff” with BitTorrent

GUIDE: How to “Download Stuff” with BitTorrent

East step-by-step guide for those wondering how to download stuff with BitTorrent and have just it found it too difficult to master.

I get asked all the time by friends of mine unfamiliar with P2P and file-sharing and general how to go about using BitTorrent to download music, movies, TV shows, etc..

Most are recovering LimeWire users, and some have experimented with BitTorrent to a degree, but all have said they “just don’t get it.” Hence, this guide.

I’ll describe the process step by step and include lots of pictures so don’t be afraid.

1. Select a BitTorrent client.

There are a bunch to choose from, and the choices vary by OS (operating system), but all in all I suggest using uTorrent. Available for both Mac and PC this BitTorrent client is by far the most popular among BitTorrent users and for good reason – it’s fast, efficient, and more importantly, lightweight (low memory usage). It’s also the BitTorrent client upon which the rest of this guide is based.

Once you’ve downloaded and selected a BitTorrent client, simply install and run.

For PC users I’ve already written detailed uTorrent and Azureus setup instruction guides if you have any questions.

2. Where Do I Find Stuff to Download?

For some this is the even trickier part. Recovering LimeWire users only had to type the name of whatever they were looking for in the search query box to find content.

With BitTorrent it sometimes takes a bit of searching to find the right BitTorrent tracker site hosting the content your looking, but with uTorrent we have a handy built-in “Find Content” option that we’re going to tweak to make the job easier. A lot of my friends complain its “tough finding stuff” so this ought to address that problem.

3. Tweaking uTorrent to Find Stuff:

This may be the trickiest part of all for inexperienced BitTorrent users so I’m going to take it slow, and include LOTS of screenshots.

A) Open uTorrent

B) Go to Options > Preferences

C) Under Preferences go to Advanced > UI Extras

D) In the box where it says “Search Engines [Format: name|URL]” copy the list I’ve included below and paste it there.


The Pirate Bay|


Kick Ass Torrents|

BT Junkie|


E) Select the “OK” button once you’re done.

4. Using the “Find Content” Option:

Now it’s time to actually find stuff to download.

A) Now that we’ve entered sites to “find stuff” select the “Find Content” tab in uTorrent as pictured below.

B) Select a BitTorrent tracker site to download from. In the picture I selected Kick Ass Torrents. Depending on the popularity of what you’re looking for you may have to search several BitTorrent tracker site’s to find it.

C) Enter a search query. As you can see I entered the title “Pioneer One,” the “TV Series without a TV” that was released on BitTorrent earlier this year.

5. Downloading Stuff

A) Select the arrow as circled in the picture.

B) Download and open the .torrent file in uTorrent.

It’s that “simple.”


Stay tuned.

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Oh...just noticed that this was from 3 years ago..


Thanks for this, I'm having trouble though:  I downloaded uTorrent for Mac but the Options/preferences choice is not available to get into the advanced options..Help!


Great article. It's also useful for people to 1) Enable Protocol Encryption under preferences>BitTorrent. 2) Use Peer Block (optional, as there are debating views as to the usefulness of the program) as this can block crappy packets being transmitted by bad IP addresses., 3) Use a VPN when using a P2P Client. (For me this is the most important piece of software I use in conjunction with any P2P client) I know some will disagree with my points, but it may help someone.


@Lex For me personally I use FBVPN as it's very fast has has very little impact on my normal speed (next to nothing) I'm in the UK so this is also very useful for places such as Hulu which are otherwise geo-restricted. They have just launched a new UK server as well which is great for those not in the UK to access the iPlayer or TVCatchup etc. The price is very good as well as it's only $5.00 (£3.20) a month. I have tested quite a few different VPN's and this one has been consistently good both in speed and service. If I do ever have an issue then they are also on Twitter ( @FBVPN ) and Tony (main guy there) is very quick to help you out either via Twitter or their support email. No, I don't work for them, I just really like their service. P.s It's also very advisable to have access to a decent VPN client if you do a lot of surfing via open wi-fi networks in cafe's or at airports when you travel, as it's very easy to see what people are upto if you are using the free connection without the added security of a decent VPN. Free VPN's are available most places, but there will be a hit on your speeds. Just in case you are looking into getting one, remember that Proxies and VPN's are different. Hope that helps?


Richard, Are there any VPN services in particular that you recommend?