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Humble Indie Bundle 2 Surpasses Previous Revenue Total

Humble Indie Bundle 2 Surpasses Previous Revenue Total

The Humble Indie Bundle 2, a pay-what-you-want video game sale which contains cross-platform DRM free games by Wolfire, has now surpassed the total revenue earned in the previous Humble Indie Bundle.

It’s a video game sale that turns traditional video game developing business models on its head. Sell video games with no copy controls (DRM/Digital locks/TPMs/etc.) whatsoever and let the buyer choose what price they are willing to pay. It’s the kind of sale that would get some BSA members to pull all their hair out over, but it is indeed happening for a second time. The original Humble Indie Bundle sale ended with nearly $1.27 Million, a total that, no doubt, exceeded all expectations. Now, the current sale has exceeded that in one week earning over $1.31 Million as of this writing.

The pay-what-you-want sale earned over $800,000 by day 3. The Wolfire sale is the second pay-what-you-want sale. It has exceeded the original Humble Indie Bundle success which made Wolfire famous for it’s innovative tactics to showcase their products online. Some of the proceeds of both, at the choosing of the customer, will be going to two charities, the first being the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the second being the Fair Play charity.

The sale appears to have been extended like the first sale and currently has about 3 days left.

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Drew Wilson
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