How to Watch NFL Football Games Online For Free

How to Watch NFL Football Games Online For Free
How to Watch NFL Football Games Online For Free

Forget about expensive NFL cable TV subscription packages, this guide will show you how to watch NFL football games online for FREE!

With 2013 NFL season underway it’s important that NFL football fans know how to tune into their favorite games, especially you fantasy football fanatics.

By following the easy steps below you can watch out of market NFL games online that may not be popular enough for broadcast TV, or NFL games that aren’t televised in local markets due to football blackout restrictions (especially with the economic downturn).

On a mobile device? We have separate guides on how to watch NFL games on your iPhone/iPad or your Android phone.

1. Download a torrent streaming program.

This step is only if you want to use the torrent streaming links which we recommend. There are also web stream links if you can’t download any software for some reason.

For windows, we recommend Stream Torrent. If it’s confusing, we have a how-to article here.

For mac, try this guide to get stream torrent working on the mac.

2. Go to WiZiWiG

3. Scroll down and select the  NFL + CFL + AFL section.

4. Select “[Streaming] 2013 NFL Week [?].”

5. Pick the game you want to watch

This is the place where all of the available NFL games will be listed by date and time with links to connect to the live streams for each of them.

The links will be posted a few hours before kickoff as they are submitted to the site’s admins.

6. Select a type of stream to watch.

Now there are two types of streams: Web streams and P2P streams.

Web streams are regular old streaming video that doesn’t require additional software installation to view. We have all kinds of software for that, but you probably already have something that will work.

P2P steams require one of several types of different P2P programs to function. There are basically 4 different programs you’ll need to install to make sure that you’ll be able to watch every available game, for it sometimes varies according to each broadcast.

*NOTE: I would recommend downloading and installing ONLY StreamTorrent at first and trying out the P2P links since many streamers have slowly switched over to use it exclusively.

The quality of streams will vary so you may want to test out a few before you kick up your feet and grab a cold beer. Each stream has a different bitrate quality and rating as voted on by active viewers to help you decide.