New Kings of Leon Album Leaks to BitTorrent

New Kings of Leon Album Leaks to BitTorrent

Copies of “Come Around Sundown” appear on BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official October 15th release date.

Kings of Leon is the latest and greatest band to feel the instant distribution power of BitTorrent, copies of their upcoming album – “Come Around Sundown” – leaking to BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official October 15th release date.

From The Pirate Bay:

Kings of Leon will return with their highly anticipated fifth album, \’Come Around Sundown\’, on October 15th, 2010. The new album was recorded in New York at Avatar Studios and produced once again by Angelo Petraglia and Jacquire King. \’Come Around Sundown\’ is the follow-up to the hugely successful \’Only By The Night\’, which sold over six million copies worldwide and garnered four Grammy Awards and two Brits. It\’s yet another bold and expansive statement by the Nashville, Tennessee-based quartet who, in the last two years, have become one of the biggest bands in the world, and also one of the most creatively restless. As proven throughout their storied career, Kings of Leon love to work. Whether writing, recording or touring, the band is constantly in motion. Once they finished touring in support of \’Only By The Night\’ at the end of October of 2009, they went back in the studio to record in February 2010.

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1. (00:04:24) Kings Of Leon – The End

2. (00:03:26) Kings Of Leon – Radioactive

3. (00:04:11) Kings Of Leon – Pyro

4. (00:03:25) Kings Of Leon – Mary

5. (00:03:28) Kings Of Leon – The Face

6. (00:03:29) Kings Of Leon – The Immortals

7. (00:04:01) Kings Of Leon – Back Down South

8. (00:02:51) Kings Of Leon – Beach Side

9. (00:03:06) Kings Of Leon – No Money

10. (00:03:05) Kings Of Leon – Pony Up

11. (00:03:15) Kings Of Leon – Birthday

12. (00:04:07) Kings Of Leon – Mi Amigo

13. (00:04:45) Kings Of Leon – Pickup Truck

The album is the latest to find its way to BitTorrent over the years, something record labels and artists alike have complained cuts into legitimate sales, and which has been cited in the ongoing case against The Pirate Bay for facilitating the distribution of copyrighted material.

Either way, despite the best efforts of copyright holders the problem is here to stay. The only way to really address the problem is by speeding up the official release date. If an album is completed in – let’s say April – why can’t it be distributed in May or June?

I understand time is needed to produce and distribute physical CDs, but as music consumption continues a slow march towards a largely digital world it’s something that’ll need to be considered eventually. At some point record labels will have to choose which is more important.

Stay tuned.

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