‘Battlestar Galactica: Razor’ DVD Leaked to BitTorrent

File-sharing sci-fi fans get an early taste of the upcoming made for TV movie.

For you “Battlestar Galactica” fans out there who are having a hard time waiting for April 2008 and season 4 to roll around, I ran across an interesting pre-release DVD the other day on BitTorrent and figured that I’d share the news here if you haven’t seen it for yourself already.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor” is a made-for-TV movie not scheduled to air until November 24th, 2007 on the Sc-Fi Channel, but its leak to BitTorrent means fans of the series can get an early look.

The plot outline from Wikipedia:

Wartime atrocities dating back to the First Cylon War over forty years before, and others more recent, haunt Admiral William Adama, young Battlestar Pegasus officer Kendra Shaw, and her mentor Admiral Helena Cain.
For the officers, Viper pilots and Marines of the Colonial Fleet, there is no higher honor than to be judged a “Razor.” Nor is it an honor that can be earned in peacetime. Razors are forged in the heat of battle as fear, hesitation, and any other instinct that can spell the difference between life and death are burned away until what remains is an unflinching human weapon. Only that Razor’s edge can cut two ways: it can slash an enemy or cleave away a warrior’s soul.
One such warrior is the ambitious young officer Kendra Shaw. On the eve of the Cylon attack, she reports for duty on her new ship – the Battlestar Pegasus, under the command of Admiral Helena Cain – and embarks on a harrowing six-month struggle for survival with its crew. Taken under Cain’s wing, Shaw becomes her protégé, a surrogate daughter, and finally an extension of the Admiral’s own ruthless will. Nothing less than a Razor.
After Admiral Cain’s death, Shaw’s beliefs are challenged when she’s chosen to assist Pegasus’ new commander, Lee Adama, on a mission to destroy a heavily guarded Cylon base ship along with the mysterious entity it was built to protect. When the mission goes badly wrong, a wounded Shaw and Kara Thrace are forced to hole up on the Cylon ship. As the hope of rescue grows dim, the two battle-hardened warriors forge a bond and Shaw begins to confess the details of a tragic wartime incident she took part in under Admiral Cain, an incident that has haunted her ever since.
A Razor to the end, Shaw ultimately fulfills her mission, and in the process finds a measure of redemption tempered by a chilling warning she is unable to pass on. Lee Adama, meanwhile, struggles with his own razor-sharp demons as he faces the challenges of his first command, and the dire choices it entails – choices not dissimilar to the traumatic dilemmas that had shaped the commands of his father and Helena Cain a generation earlier in the First Cylon War.

A friend of mine has had a chance to see it already and he said it’s made the wait for season 4 to start even tougher.

In doing a bit of background research for this article I stumbled across a season 4 spoilers page on Battlestar Wiki( yes, there’s a Battlestar Wiki). There’s a bunch of interesting new plot developments on there to sink your teeth into. Without giving too much away, it does mention that a revolt by Centurions against their humanoid masters will take place early on.

In any event, “Battlestar Galactica: Razor’s Edge” is up on a public BitTorrent tracker site near you so check out, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.