aXXo: ‘The Pirate Bay Staff Don’t Care About Uploaders’

Life will certainly go on, but for users of the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker site, the lack of the world’s premier DVD ripper will make things a little more difficult, and I’m sure the MPAA doesn’t mind this at all.

aXXo, BitTorrent’s reigning king of DvDrips, has apparently decided to no longer upload content to The Pirate Bay due its alleged failure to properly weed out fake and bogus aXXO torrents.

In a comment on a DvDrip of The Simpsons Movie he writes that the “TPB staff don’t care about uploaders.

Whether it’s true or not is a matter of “he said she said,” but realistically the development means very little since his stuff can also be found on a number of public BitTorrent tracker sites including: Mininova, BTMon, Demonoid, and others. Nonetheless is a sad development for regular users of The Pirate Bay.

Benmeover writes:

Wow. Good to see tpb cares for its uploaders. Like him or not, he gave to the community, out of kindness. Not a one of you here commenting surely has offered even 1/3 to the community of what he has. If I’m wrong, please direct me to your uploads.

Uploaders need to feel a sense of security and backing from site staff to protect what they are working so hard to offer, and how its offered. aXXo left a comment on mini, “tpb dont care about its uploaders”

Very, very sad to read that this seems true.

TO read the comments from site staff here is extremely disappointing.

But, maybe, just maybe a SuperBay Admin has it right. After all, The Pirate Bay still has plenty of other pirates to step up to the plate and make content available.

Section 8 writes:

What a great way to start off my day by knowing that aXXo has f—-d off and taken all his sheep with him. I got no clue why he left but I don’t care either good day indeed.

Either way, life goes on and balance is restored to the universe one way or another. Unfortunately for users of The Pirate Bay this “balance” may just have to be found elsewhere for the time being.

[THX to “1cooldude” for the haeds up]