Waffles.fm – A PRIVATE, Sweden-Based BitTorrent Music Tracker Site

Aims to be the community that OiNK’s Pink Palace was, a PRIVATE TRACKER with a great music selection, but based in Sweden.

Waffles.fm is a new PRIVATE BitTorrent tracker scheduled for launch at midnight PST tonight. It promises to be based off of the recently shuttered OiNK’s Pink Palace, a loss many music fans like myself are still reeling from.

The name of the site is an obvious reference to the message that’s been on OiNK for the last few days. It reads “Waffles – These are the waffles that taste really good according to google,” linking to a Google search query listing alternative BitTorrent tracker sites.

The people behind the site promise that it’ll be 100% private, unlike newer alternatives like the new BOiNK project being currently undertaken by The Pirate Bay. As everybody has pointed out, the critical flaw of a public tracker alternative is that it eliminate the compulsion for share ratios and thus makes download times and content selection abysmal. Also, it would allow anti-piracy and law enforcement organizations to have the ability to take an easy peek at who’s sharing what.

From the site:

An open tracker or one without ratio requirements has less selection, less quality (e.g. flac), and less community. There are torrents on The Pirate Bay that have been snatches upwards of ten thousand times, with only a couple of people seeding.

This was never the case with OiNK, may it rest in peace, and it will not be the case with waffles.fm.

The only real drawback is that the site is apparently ALREADY invite only.

“Registration will be invite-only from day one,” it says.

How is this possible? Well, they apparently already have recruited 200 initial seeders who pledge to make as much content up and available. From there the MODs will apparently kick it over to a mailing list that they’ve been circulating where ex-OiNK users are able to submit “VALID proof that they were members at OiNK prior to the incident.”

So what do they mean by “reasonable proof?”

  • A screen shot of your Oink Profile, Header, Snatch List etc.
  • Screen shots and/or forwards of any emails received from Oink, including but not limited to: your invite email,
  • A receipt of your paypal donation (please remove transaction IDs and/or bank account numbers)
  • OiNK torrents left on your machine with full urls

“All members will receive a surplus of invites during the beginning of the website,” the siteĀ  continues. “You are highly encouraged and will be rewarded for inviting as many ex-oinker’s as you know of as well as uploading your entire oink torrents collection.”

The people behind Waffles.fm admittedly recognize that it may be slow going at first, but that that they’re in it for the long haul. They hope to to try and at get as close a clone to the original “Pink Palace” as they possibly can.

“It’s going to be a bit slow at first,” they continue, “but we’re aiming to be the community that OiNK’s Pink Palace was, with the same selection of high quality music. There will be special competitions during the beginning to make this process even more rewarding – although the greatest is available to everyone: having the best damn music tracker on the net back!”

It’s too early to tell how this new “OiNK-based tracker” will fare, but it reminds me once again just how much I miss that darn Pink Palace and will certainly give this site a shot. I was skeptical at first about this 200 person viral invite effort, but I’m starting to think it may just be critical to what a healthy OiNK replacement site needs. It comes down to content selection and share-ratios really, and if these initial users make a good effort to satisfy the former, I think the latter will then take care of itself. Some of those pre-release contacts that OiNK had may be vital as well.

Also very, very smart I think is that somebody over there realized that Sweden is the place to be – the safe harbor for all budding BitTorrent pirates. They note that the “For the first month they will be in the Netherlands. After that we will be moving them to Sweden.”

I think we may have at last have the perfect BitTorrent tracker and I’m amazed it hasn’t been done before. I mean a private site based in Sweden? It’s “waffles” alright, tasty and delicious.

Now it’s just time to try and track down an invite.

Stay tuned.

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