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BitTorrent Mainline Client Introduces App Support

BitTorrent Mainline Client Introduces App Support

BitTorrent Mainline client 7.1 introduces apps to “provide a flexible, easy way to add and extend BitTorrent functionality, discover new media/games/software, and lots of other cool things at your leisure.”

Some BitTorrent users have long been accustomed to additional functionality from their BitTorrent clients. Back in the Azureus(now Vuze) heydays users had literally dozens of plugins to choose from. Though they aren’t the kind of spectacular features we see available today, they still represent the notion of a BitTorrent client being able to do much more than simply share data packets.

We’ve seen the same kind of push with uTorrent 2.2 Beta. The lightweight BitTorrent client long ago surpassed Azureus(Vuze) in popularity because of its low memory footprint, and the uTorrent developers have tried to capitalize on this by creating apps for the client like Torrent Tweet and Virus Guard that give users the option of sacrificing memory for functionality.

uTorrent even went so far as to release the Apps SDK for uTorrent that allows 3rd party developers to “create a personalized experience” by adding Apps that offer new features and services.

Now BitTorrent Inc. is spreading app functionality to its BitTorrent mainline client with the release of Release Candidate version 7.1.

“We’ve always strived to make the BitTorrent client simple and useful, basing our design philosophy around this core ideal,” says Simon Morris, VP of Product Management at Bittorrent Inc.. “At the same time, we recognize there are many features that may enhance your experience ” by choice.”

That’s the thing. As the standard of PC memory has grown in capacity, most laptops sold stock with 3GB or more, there has been more wiggle room with the kind of memory footprint BitTorrent users are willing to put up with. Back in the days of Win XP and an average PC memory of 1GB or less, added functionality was out of the question, and it’s why many slowly flocked from Azureus to uTorrent over time.

Now BitTorrent Inc., both with its uTorrent and BitTorrent mainline client, is able to take advantage of this progress and offer its large user base the kind of additional features that will ensure they remain loyal users.

“Our goal is to provide our users with easy access to quality content and services to improve the experience of downloading and sharing content,” adds Simon. “This is our first step (of many to come) of our journey into the world of apps ” stay tuned.”


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