Demonoid Back Online, But Blocking Canadian Users

Looks like the CRIA had a hand in the affair after all.

Well, it looks like things are somewhat back to normal on Demonoid, for now the site is up and running like days of old. Yet, it seems as though the world’s second largest BitTorrent tracker site did run into legal problems after all, for a message on it’s HP says that it’s now blocking all canadian traffic in response to legal threats from the CRIA.

That’s right, it’s now blocking all canadian traffic.

After a week of speculation and rumors swirling about as to what had happened, it now seems that it was properly reported by a Dutch news site that Demonoid had been targeted by the CRIA, the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

A message on Demonoid’s HP reads as follows:

We received a letter from a lawyer representing the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and we need to start blocking Canadian traffic because of this.

Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience.

So it would seem that we in the US aren’t the only victims of traffic blocking as has happened to us previously with sites like ISOHunt and TorrentSpy.

It’s yet to be determined what further action the CRIA will take since it seems highly unlikely that it will be satisfied with token visitor blocking that can so easily be circumvented with proxies and a whole range of different tricks and tactics.

Either way, it’s nice to see that Demonoid’s back again. Now I only hope that its decision to move to Canada proves to be the right one after all. Time will tell.


As user by the name of Boyan wrote to me recently asking if I could include some contact info urging Canadian Demonoid users to to write to the CRIA and express their anger with its recent moves against the site. I’m not sure that they’ll listen at all, but it certainly can’t hurt to at least voice your opinion.

From the CRIA site:

Canadian Recording Industry Association
85 Mowat Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3E3

Phone: (416) 967-7272
Fax: (416) 967-9415