Demonoid Trackers Back Up, But Site Still Down

Is Demonoid slowly returning to business as usual?

Many of you, myself included, have been following the whole Demonoid, a popular BitTorrent tracker site, affair very closely. Well, I’m pleased to report that the site seems to be slowly reappearing as we speak.

I reported before that the CRIA was allegedly to blame for the recent shutdown, that somehow it had presumably pressured Demonoid’s ISP to stop hosting the site. It now seems that this wasn’t the case after all, that it was far more mundane server concerns to blame.

The reason for this is that the trackers run on the same IP address, thereby meaning that issues and events other than a successful ISP intimidation campaign by the CRIAA are the most likely reason for the site’s downtime.

I got an e-mail a while back that seemed to clarify what had happened, but since I was unable to verify the source I had to take it at face value. It may now be legit after all.

It reads:

No, Demonoid is NOT being shut down by the CRIA, or anyone else.
That is pure FOD.
It suffered major server failures, and is currently being rebuilt.

It seems he may just be right after all. Either way, the lack of a definitive status report by Deimos, the founder and head admin of Demonoid, has made for an exasperating week for members of the BitTorrent community who have come to rely heavily on the world’s second largest BitTorrent tracker site.

The good news though is that with hardware issues now being the likely culprit for the site’s downtime, it may just be a matter of days before Demonoid’s brought back up to snuff.