Has Demonoid Been Shut Down by the CRIA?

Unresponsive for almost 2 days now, a Dutch website is reporting that the popular BitTorrent tracker site has been taken down by the Canadian music industry.

According to a Dutch news site, Demonoid has been taken down due to the efforts of the Canadian Recording Industry Association.(CRIA)

There’s no word yet on what the cause is, but it’s being speculated that it was ISP ad not site admin related.

It was for a similar reason that Demonoid decided to leave the Netherlands for a server host in Canada back in June of this year. The Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN intimidated its ISP enough that it eventually caved in and stopped hosting it.

Now it would seem that the tactic has worked in Canada as well, making the future of Demonoid uncertain at best.

I think they ought to cut to the chase and move the site to Sweden. The weather there can’t be that bad can it?