BREIN Shutters 384 BitTorrent Sites, World Yawns

BREIN Shutters 384 BitTorrent Sites, World Yawns

Dutch anti-piracy group cleans house in ways that the IFPI, RIAA, and MPAA surely envy, shuttering 422 “illegal websites,” 5 usenet indexers, and an FTP summit site so far this year.

While the world’s attention was focused on the Federal govt’s recent “Operation In Our Sites,” Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN was the one making the biggest dent in online piracy. The Feds managed to seize a measly 9 domain names while BREIN, so far this year, has managed to shutter 422 illegal websites, including 384 BitTorrent tracker sites and 29 Cyberlockers sites where it says some 30,000 “illegal files were removed.”

“We’ve also closed five usenet indexers, 6 streaming sites, and an FTP summit site,” it adds.

What makes the news so odd is that for having successfully managed to close so many sites, the 384 BitTorrent tracker sites in particular, nobody seems to have noticed or even cared. The business of P2P has gone on rather undisturbed it would seem.

So what’s going on? BREIN boss Tim Kuik, wisely not wanting to give targets additional traffic and popularity, is keeping his cards close to his chest. He does, however discuss how the process works.

“The take down most often takes place through the hosting provider,” BREIN boss Tim Kuik told TorrentFreak. “We also obtain identity details from the hosting providers but these sites tend to register under a false name. If the site changes to another hosting provider, we will contact that provider. In case all else fails we will go for blocking of the site by access providers. Currently there is court case pending about that.”

With 422 “illegal sites” down so far this year and plenty of time left on the clock before 2011 arrives, BREIN is managing to do what the US govt, the RIAA, IFPI, and MPAA have so far been unable to – close down more than just a handful of sites per year. The sad thing is that for all of its hard work, as I mentioned before, nobody’s really noticed.

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