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For Your Eyes Only… Or Not – ACTA Leaks Again

For Your Eyes Only… Or Not – ACTA Leaks Again

The ultra secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) may be one of the worst kept secrets in the international community. The updated version of the infamous text has leaked online.

ACTA recently came back in to headlines over major differences that could spell trouble for making the agreement negotiations quick.

The full text updated to the first of July was leaked online. It’s currently available at La Quadrature Du Net – all 34 pages of it.

Currently, the concerns are that there would be tighter border controls to the point that people’s iPods would be searched for pirated material. Another concern is that the text would bring in a “graduated response” or three strikes law to many other countries as well as bring in a global DMCA.

While we have the text in our possession, we have yet to look through it at this point to confirm or deny anything at this point, still, this document might make for some very interesting reading to say the least. Huge props to the people with the guts and courage to keep leaking this material.

Update: Special thanks to a Slashdot member for pointing out a transcribed non-PDF Wiki-format version of the text.

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Drew Wilson
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