iPhone Now Able to Run a NES Emulator

Apple iPhone hackers continue to try and get the most for their $600 gadget.

I must admit I’m a bit jealous when it comes to the iPhone. It looks so sleek and clean looking that it makes all other mobile phones pale in comparison.

Having said this, at $500 – $600 bucks a pop, I think I’ll be waiting for some time before I get to jump on the iPhone train and buy one for myself.

In the meantime I get to watch the frenzy as hackers everywhere try to crack the iPhone wide open and get 3rd party applications up and running.

Case in point is the fact that somebody managed to get a NES working on the iPhone, though apparently the emulator runs a little too slow so far to be playable, and you have to use an image of a controller rather than something you can wrap your hands around.

Nonetheless, it looks very cool.