Free Music Downloads on Google’s Android Phones

Free Music Downloads on Google’s Android Phones

Illegal file-sharing spreads from computers to Google’s Android OS-based smartphones, making the music industry’s anti-piracy efforts that much harder.

It was only a matter of time before music piracy became possible on the increasingly powerful smartphones that are being manufactured these days. The first smartphones capable of this feat are those running Google’s Android OS, and considering Apple’s nazi-like grip on apps, it’s certain to remain this way for some time.

Apps like Music Junk, Tunee Music, and MP3 Music allow users to download songs as one would with any other run of the mill P2P app. The only difference is that you can’t share music, and the music that is downloaded is grabbed from either an anonymous location or an identifiable third-party server.

Music Junk seems to be the most popular of these apps with one user noting “can find anything I pretty much look for,” and another that it offers “way better results than music online!”

Google has a policy of removing apps from the Google Android Market only if it violates one of the following conditions: copyright infringement; it’s illegal; pornographic, obscene; or contains malware or spyware.

The P2P apps obviously violate the first condition, but it really doesn’t matter once the app has been created and posted online outside of the Market.

The RIAA is aware of the situation and asks Google to remove them as they appear.

“We are aware of those applications and others like them,” said an RIAA spokesperson. “We have made Google aware of apps that violate the Google policy and promote illegal activity.”

Google however, says it doesn’t actively monitor what apps are posted in order to ensure the Android Market is an “open distribution channel for mobile application.”

For those wondering which to use I’ve tested out each of the apps I mentioned above and so far Music Junk seems to be the best. I’ve enclosed a video so you can get a closer look at what the apps all about.