BitLet Lets You Download Torrents Without a Client

Site uses a web-based Java applet that allows you to download torrent files even if you don’t have a BitTorrent client installed.There’s a cool site called that lets you upload .torrent metafiles(torrent trackers) for others to download without having a BitTorrent client installed.

For those of you who know people who have yet to master the art of BitTorrent, or for those that have a website or blog an d wish to link BitTorrent trackers for people to download content at work or school, is the site to use.

To get started simply cut and paste the torrent tracker for the content you wish to download in the box on BitLet’s homepage and then select “Download torrent.”

Next, you’ll see a popup window that will ask where you wish to sav e the content, followed by a downlaod progress bar(make sure you have the latest Java plugin).

As I mentioned before, BitLet also allows users to incorporate this web-based java applet in their site so that users can embed download links on their blog or website with which visitors can then acquire content without the need for a BitTorrent client or to visit an additional site.

Simply insert the URL of the torrent tracker as shown below, select “Generate code,” and then cut and paste the code on your website or blog. It’s that easy.

Here’s an example: Route 66