Pirate Bay Attacked for ‘Helping’ Leak New Harry Potter Book

IP Chairman John Kennedy says the BitTorrent tracker site now hurting the “publishing industry” in addition to record labels, movie, studios, etc.

With all the latest fallout from the new Harry Potter book being leaked on BitTorrent, it comes as no surprise that the IFPI, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, would try to seize the moment and use it to further their own personal agenda.

After previously having tried to link them to far right groups, and even perhaps pedophilia, it seems that in the latest twist of the ongoing Harry Potter leak saga, the IFPI is trying to get young Harry Potter fans and the publishing industry on board in its campaign against the “evil” Swedish BitTorrent tracker site Pirate Bay.

The IFPI tries to play up the Pirate Bay’s so-called involvement in the Harry Potter leak, a serious charge if there ever was one considering how much time and effort goes into keeping the books top secret prior to sale, by posting an announcement on its site titled “The Pirate Bay involved in Harry Potter Leak.” Involved? It makes it sound as though they were actually in on the caper and that the carpet in the leaked photos matches the kind they have in the Pirate Bay’s offices (is there one?).

The article continues:

The Pirate Bay, an international engine of illegal file-sharing, is accused of facilitating the distribution of pre-release copies of the latest Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in a move that has been criticised by publishers Bloomsbury. Author J.K. Rowling has previously asked people to respect her embargos and described those who ruin others enjoyment as “sad individuals.”

Okay, so here we go “facilitation of distribution” is very different from “involved in Harry Potter leak” You have to love how they attempt to now bring the wrath of millions of disappointed Harry Potter fans to bear on the Pirate Bay.

Considering that the leaked images were available on a number of BitTorrent tracker sites why did the IFPI choose to target the Pirate Bay? Well, Peter Brokep over at the Pirate Bay asked the very same question.

“Well, first of all, it’s kinda interesting that they choose 1 site out of maybe thousands that help distribute the content,” he said on Skype. “Then they choose one that actually has no content that is copyrighted and they decide to falsely accuse us of being part of the leak (it’s a quite serious accusation)?”

Well John Kennedy, chairman and chief executive of IFPI, seems to reply to this question by writing that “The Pirate Bay has a long history of facilitating the distribution of pirated music on the internet, harming artists, composers and record producers.It would appear that the publishing industry is now also being hurt by the operators of The Pirate Bay who show no respect for creativity or intellectual property rights.”

They say a man can be measured by his words and it’s obvious this is an attempt to rile people up against the Pirate Bay despite the fact that they continue to do what they always have done and don’t actually host any copyrighted content.

There’s is a sort of a happy ending to the story, for as Brokep writes:

But, on a funny note – I got an email from a new user! He didn’t know about the site, but he reads IFPIs press releases.. so he wanted the book and came to our site.
So thanks IFPI.. 🙂

You gotta love it.

Also, as I finished this article it seems as though the IFPI decided to change the title of the article, no doubt realizing how slanderous it sounded. The new title is now “Harry Potter leaks on Pirate Bay.” Sounds like a Digg submission if I’ve ever heard of one.

Too funny.

By the way, as you can see below, the Pirate Bay has a new logo up in honor of the Harry Potter leak. The hands apparently belong to Brokep.

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