Download from BitTorrent Anonymously with BTGuard

Download from BitTorrent Anonymously with BTGuard

VPN service offers file-sharing customers the kind of privacy and security needed when trying to evade the prying eyes of anti-P2P companies trying to prevent copyright infringement.

BitTorrent users face a gradually escalating game of cat and mouse as anti-piracy companies and ISPs institute ever increasing methods of seeking out and preventing copyright infringement these days.

BTGuard is among the growing number of VPNs catering to the BitTorrent community, and it isn’t shy about telling customers what kind of protection it’s offering.

“With BTGuard downloading through BitTorrent becomes 100% anonymous & safe,” says the site.

“Your downloads will be routed through Canada which enforces some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, ensuring the protection of your identity, even from your own ISP!”

How it works is when you connect to BTGuard they create a ‘Tunnel’ between you and them. All of the data in this ‘Tunnel’ is then encrypted so only you and BTGuard know the contents of what is being sent.

It’s also an effective solution for those ISPs that throttle BitTorrent as was the case with the case with US ISP Comcast a few years ago.

So how much does it cost? If you sign up for a year it’s about $5 bucks p/mo, otherwise it’s about $6.95 p/mo with a variety of other short term signup deals to choose from.

It’s more than worth it these days, especially if you use public tracker sites like the Pirate Bay or isoHunt. Even Demonoid hosts a number of public torrents that should give users a cause for some concern.

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