Fake MPAA Video Download Site Goes Offline

Thanks to all the publicity, MediaDefender tries to lay low and decides to parks “Miivi” for now.

A few days ago I reported on how one of the MPAA’s henchmen, MediaDefender, the self-professed “leading provider of anti-piracy solutions in the emerging Internet-Piracy-Prevention (IPP) industry,” had quietly set up a video download site called “MiiVi” that was dedicated to busting those who both like to download copyrighted content as well as those who already have.

Well, thanks to all of the the publicity generated by that article and elsewhere, and with Digg and slashdot seemingly proving to be the final nails in the coffin, MiiVi.com has been taken offline and visitors to the site are now greeted by one of GoDaddy’s parked domain pages.

It’s always nice to know that sometimes good things do happen, and more importantly, that MiiVi won’t be trapping any more unsuspecting users.

Now I’m sure it won’t be the MPAA and MediaDefender’s last tricky scheme to fight piracy but, at least it’s one less that people will have to watch out for and the bad publicity that it generated surely couldn’t have been good for either of them. Yet, then again, the MPAA seems to be reading from the RIAA’s playbook and doesn’t seem to care about its reputation as well.

MPAA & MediaDefender Respond to Exposure of Fake Video Download Site