Music Blogs “Need to be Regulated to Stop Piracy”

Music Blogs “Need to be Regulated to Stop Piracy”

Association of Independent Music (AIM) head also wants ISPs to be pressured into helping fight illegal file-sharing.

Alison Wenham, chairman of the Association of Independent Music (AIM), is criticizing music blogs for linking to copyrighted material and thinks legislation is needed to discourage the practice.

“The fundamentals of copyright are pretty well breached by the ability to move material around seamlessly and undetectably,” says Wenham. “Blogs, therefore, form a growing problem because they are not what one would strictly call or refer to as file-sharing.”

She says that individually they may pose no threat as it were, but taken together as a whole it is similar to any other P2P network or service.

“A growing number of individuals pop links onto their blogs either as a form of flattery or as information exchange,” she adds. “But when a few hundred or a few thousand people do that then the scale of the problem is far more similar than a file-sharing service.”

She’d also like to see ISPs pressured into helping fight the problem of illegal file-sharing.

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